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Our salon is here to give you eyelash extensions that will lengthen your natural lashes and fill them in for the perfect lash look. Call us today so you can experience all that Las Vegas eyelash extensions have to offer.

Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

We are happy that you are interested in eyelash extensions Las Vegas. Our salon is the place for you to get fabulous eyelashes and forget about the worries around you. We know how to elevate your mood and accentuate your natural beauty.

Eyelash extensions can replace all of the makeup in your makeup bag. You will look alive and awake from morning until night. We will help you find that inner confidence that is hiding behind clumpy mascara and painful lash curlers.

Our lash company will give you the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas can give to you and we know you will be pleasantly surprised by how great you feel.

We are the leading lash company because our application will give you longer and fuller lashes Vegas can apply in a blink. You will be happy to relax in our oasis.

Our salon offers lash services that include:

-Eyelash Tinting

-Eyelash Lifting

-Eyelash Full Set

-Eyelash Fill

-Classic Eyelashes

-Volume Eyelashes

-Eyelash Extension Removal

Las Vegas eyelashes

About Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

Step into a spa-like atmosphere when you visit our eyelash salon. Get the best fake eyelashes Las Vegas has to offer because our techniques can’t be matched. You won’t want to go anywhere else after you give our salon a chance.

Eyelash extensions should be placed by trained professionals who are masters in their craft. Every lash artist in our salon has taken the time to learn and perfect their skills to provide an elite service to you. You will get the safest eyelashes Las Vegas can offer to you and your natural lashes will thank you.

Our lash company values integrity. Whether it's the integrity of your natural lashes or the integrity of our staff, we want you to trust us with your eyelashes. You will be able to trust that we are doing the best that we can at every appointment.

It is our goal to match your lash extensions to your lifestyle, what you are dreaming of, and what your natural lashes can handle. We make sure to have a detailed consultation so everyone is on the same page and you know what you are going to get from us.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for you to get lash extensions Las Vegas. We carefully and meticulously clean our tools and beds after each appointment. Our lash artists know how important it is to keep bacteria out of our salon and away from your eyes.

We are the top lash company in Las Vegas and surrounding areas because our quality is unmatched.

Why choose us?

People choose our salon over other eyelash companies because of our application quality and salon atmosphere. We give you a place to relax where you can get the most glamorous eyelash extensions Las Vegas can offer and you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Our eyelash artists are continually taking classes and getting trained to further their application quality and expertise. They all know how to help pick a lash extension style that will accentuate your face.

We think it is important that:

  1. Our lash space is clean and disinfected after each client. Your safety is our priority every single time.
  2. We apply lash extensions Las Vegas can’t get in any other competing salon. The talent from our staff and their love for lash extensions will show in your lash extensions.
  3. You will feel relaxed before, during, and after your appointment. We want you to feel like you’ve been to the spa when you get lash extensions with us.

Our salon has been helping the community feel better about themselves with better lashes for many years. We know what the community needs for lash extensions.

Call us and set up a long awaited appointment to get longer and fuller lashes.

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What to expect?

las vegas eyelashes extensions

Our product standards are top of the line and you will get the prettiest lash extensions Vegas has seen. Don’t miss the opportunity to have the confidence you have always needed.

The services we offer cater to everyone and their needs.

Clients choose us because we create lash extension placement that looks good on each individual face.

Before your lash appointment:

  • Book an appointment to get the best appointment time for you.
  • Cleanse your lashes to make sure they are free from debris and makeup.
  • Hold off on drinking a lot of liquid before your appointment. This will avoid disturbance during your service.
  • Stay away from caffeine before you service so you can fully relax.

During your lash appointment:

  • Come with an idea of what you would like for eyelash extensions
  • Your lash service will start with a consultation.
  • You will be able to relax during your service while we apply eyelash extensions.

After your lash appointment:

  • Book a fill appointment before you leave so you know you’ll get in when it works best for you.
  • Stay away from tugging or pulling on your lashes to avoid lash damage.


We offer lash services that will give you the best Vegas eyelashes that you will get in any other salon. Our lash artists are qualified to give you the eyelashes of your dreams at every appointment. We create an environment that will give you the most calming experience you can have in a salon.

Eyelash Extension Full Set

An eyelash extension full set is what your first initial appointment will be. You will also need this appointment whenever you let your lashes Las Vegas come off completely. We take more than 2 hours to apply a full set of eyelashes. It takes longer than a fill appointment because we are carefully placing eyelashes on as many natural lashes as we can to fill in your lash line.

Eyelash Fill

An eyelash fill appointment is done after your first initial full set service. It is done every 2-4 weeks to keep up your lash fullness in between appointments. The fill appointment is done quicker than a full set because there are less lashes that need to be applied along the lash line.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are the most natural style that we offer. We use single extensions and apply them to 1 natural lash to enhance the beauty of the lashes that you naturally have. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to try extensions out without getting a bold look right off the bat. Get the best classic eyelash extensions Vegas as ever seen when you visit our lash company.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are the most bold style that we provide at our salon. We use a fan of lash extensions and apply them to 1 natural lash to make the eyes look as bold and thick as you would like. This is a great style for someone who wants to get a glamorous look and take their lash extensions to the next level. You will have the fullest lash extensions Las Vegas NV can offer and you will be turning heads everywhere you go.

Eyelash Extension Removal

We apply the prettiest lashes Las Vegas can get anywhere else, but we also know sometimes they need to be removed. We will remove your eyelash extensions with ease and you will leave our salon with nourished natural lashes. Our lash removal products are high end and perfect for all lash removal needs.

Eyelash Tinting

You aren’t getting the most pigmented eyelash tinting Las Vegas can apply unless you are in our salon. Our tinting products will give your lashes a dark new look and make your natural lashes look thicker and fuller than before. The process is easy and does not cause any pain to the eyes.

Eyelash Lifting

Our salon is the place to get the most curly and elevated lash lifting Las Vegas can give to the community. You will be able to wake up with curly lashes without having eyelash extensions. Your natural eyelashes will look longer and be a simple solution to straight and thin lashes.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, commonly known as “Vegas” or “Sin City”, has a population of around 650,000 people in 2019. The city is known for its casinos and hotels. It is a tourist attraction for anyone who is looking to have a great time.

The city can enjoy warm weather for the bigger portion of the year and the winter months are mild and short. The city has named itself “The Entertainment Capital of the World” because there are many things to enjoy while you are here.

Cities surrounding Las Vegas include:

  1. North Las Vegas, NV
  2. Spring Valley, NV
  3. Sunrise Manor, NV
  4. Enterprise, NV
  5. Whitney, NV
  6. Winchester, NV
  7. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

I just got the best eyelash extensions for the best price! The quality of the work is better than any other salon I have been to in the area. I am so glad I gave this salon a chance because they absolutely killed it and made my eyelashes look so good.

Amanda K.

Every time I come to this salon they are so friendly and helpful. I called to reschedule my appointment the other day and they were happy to help me find another day that worked better for me. I like knowing that they will always treat me with respect when I come to the salon.

Patricia J.

The appointment was so smooth from start to finish! The glue that they used was amazing because my eyelashes have lasted for so long. Their quality of work is way above other lash companies in the Las Vegas area.

Kathrine T.

Frequently asked questiona

How long do eyelash extensions last when well taken care of?

With our high-grade lash glue, your Las Vegas eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks.

Can you get eyelash extensions when you have short and fine natural lashes?

We can apply eyelash extensions to all hair lengths, thicknesses, and sizes. Our lash artists are trained to tailor each placement to your personal eyelashes.

Do you offer lash extension removal in your salon?

We provide eyelash extension removal as a Las Vegas eyelash service in our salon.

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions put on?

You will not feel any pain during your lash services. Our lash technicians are trained to properly apply for lash extensions.

Will eyelash extensions give me longer eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions can add length and fullness to your natural eyelashes. Your eyelashes can be long and luscious if you want them to be.

How much do lash extensions cost in your salon?

Call our Las Vegas eyelash company for information about our pricing details.

Do you offer eyelash extensions near me that don’t damage my natural lashes?

Our lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes because we use the proper technique to apply for the extensions.

Is there a salon that applies for lash extensions near me in a relaxing atmosphere?

We are the eyelash salon Las Vegas has always needed because we will give you eyelash extensions while you relax to music and lay on a comfortable lash bed.

Can you use mascara with eyelash extensions?

Mascara will dry out your lash glue and cause them to come off prematurely. We recommend that you do not put mascara on your eyelash extensions.

Do fake lashes stay on when they get wet?

You can get your eyelashes wet 24 hours after getting them to put on. They will stay on when wet.

Can I get eyelash extensions Las Vegas near me that will look natural?

Our lashes can be customized to fit the style that you think will fit you best. We can make them as natural or as bold as you would like.

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Get longer and fuller eyelashes with eyelash extensions Las Vegas. We are here to let you escape your reality and chill out while we make you look great. Our false lashes are superior compared to lash companies surrounding Las Vegas.

We want you to feel confident and satisfied with how you look in your eyelash extensions. Get the best false eyelashes Las Vegas has seen when you choose our salon for all of your eyelash needs.

Looking for lashes near me and you’re in Las Vegas? Call our salon today to come in and become a new you. We want to get you into our salon as soon as possible.

Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

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